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Fire Captain Mandolini on Operative IQ Training

When Operative IQ rolled out its Professional Services: Onsite Training, we were excited to see how much benefit customers would truly gain from the face-to-face training. As it turns out, there is a clear advantage to onsite training over traditional/virtual training. In a brief interview with Fire Captain Josh Mandolini of the Big Bear Fire Department in Big Bear Lake, California, the benefits of onsite training became apparent: Learning how the software can fit the agency’s needs, and the ability to go beyond “good enough”.

Protect Against the Preventable...Simple Steps to Officer Safety

For a law enforcement officer, every day on the job is dangerous. In preparation to start a shift, officers kiss their family’s goodbye, so they can go out in the world to protect ours – and they are happy to do it. Highly trained officers do a great job keeping their minds, body and gear in top shape. We often see police officers exercising, inspecting & cleaning their equipment and wearing protective gear that will save their lives. But what about the ultimate asset that officers depend on every day – their cruisers?