Elevate your field operations with Operative IQ Front Line

Operative IQ Front Line offers field personnel an easy way to capture and report information critical to staying service ready. Keep informed on inventory levels, submit supply requisitions, and record narcotics administrations all in one easy-to-use application.

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Why Operative IQ Front Line?

We built Operative IQ Front Line because we wanted to provide a better user experience for our customers. It is designed with a modern, mobile friendly interface to streamline your operations in the field.

Benefit - Why Front Line?

Easily Perform Inspections

Create custom forms for your field personnel to inspect vehicles, stations, or anything you need. Crew members can easily perform these inspections using Operative IQ Front Line on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The data is then fed into Back Office where administrators can make informed decisions.

Benefit - Easily Perform Inspections

Track Narcotics Administration or Waste

Utilize Operative IQ Front Line to track Narcotics movements and set up custom alerts to stay up-to-date on field actions. Lessen waste by monitoring expiration dates and implementing accountability throughout your organization.

Benefit - Narcotics Management

Create Service Desk Tickets

Create a culture of communication with Service Desk. Keep people informed with a two-way communication system that provides loop closure on important issues. Assign tickets to specific departments for speedy resolution.

Benefit - Service Desk Ticketing

Submit Requisitions

Allow crew members to submit on-demand requests for necessary supplies and assets to specific supply rooms. Establish quantity limits and configure the requests to be automatically or manually accepted.

Benefit - Submit Requisition
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"Updating to Front Line has been a smooth transition for daily operations.  The initial splash page is fresh, clean, and has been easy to navigate between modules.  Inside each module, users are given robust options to complete the task at hand.  Along with the update, users are no longer tethered to a computer or tablet. Front Line offers an easy-to-use mobile web version allowing users to log supplies and inspections on the fly using a mobile phone."

Chuck Palmer

LifeFlight Eagle

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