We are excited to announce the launch of our latest RFID solution – Smart Shelves.

Smart Shelves are an innovative solution to providing real-time inventory counts from anywhere, anytime. With Smart Shelves, you’ll find that labor costs are reduced, information accuracy improves, and operational management becomes more efficient. Whether deployed in your main warehouse or in satellite stations, you will have access to real-time inventory counts at your fingertips when creating purchase orders or transferring inventory to remote locations.


Smart Shelves are designed to mount to the underside of your existing shelves or to a backwall for a clean look. Each shelf measures 32” x 12” with custom sizes available for an additional cost. Once the shelves are installed, the Smart Shelf RFID Reader is assigned to your Supply Room in the Operative IQ Inventory Management software. As inventory is received, an RFID Inventory Tag is printed and placed on the item. When items are placed on the RFID Smart Shelf, they are captured and reported in real-time to the Operative IQ system. The front of each shelf is outfitted with a light that shines green when all inventory is accounted for and red when an item is missing due to not being properly checked out or transferred. Inventory counts are automatically updated twice a day but can also be run on-demand. Information such as expiration dates and lot numbers are also updated for critical items.

The Operative IQ Smart Shelf system is comprised of a special RFID Reader and multiple RFID Shelf Antenna Arrays that allow you to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the system. A single RFID Reader can drive up to eight RFID Shelf Antenna Arrays, each containing eight internal RFID antennas, resulting in 64 RFID antennas per unit. This array of antennas allows the system to capture RFID Tags in various orientations with extreme accuracy.


Standard RFID antennas only capture 40% of available inventory, Operative IQ Smart Shelves capture 98% of available inventory.

When considering the capture of expiration dates and lot numbers, it’s estimated that 30 man hours are saved per count. In our experience, it takes two people two days to accurately count a typical supply room. Depending on how often you reconcile your inventory, the cost savings potential is huge. Based on the average salary of a crew member for a year, it could cost the organization over $3,500 each year if inventory is reconciled quarterly, over $10,000 if inventory is reconciled monthly, and over $45,000 if inventory is reconciled weekly.


Installation is quite simple. It consists of mounting the RFID Antenna Arrays to the underside of your existing shelves or to the back wall using the provided hardware. A RFID Cable is run from the RFID Reader to each shelf. A GPIO Cable is run from the reader to the first shelf and then daisy chained from shelf to shelf. On-site installation assistance can be provided by Operative IQ for a fee.


Click here or reach out to your account manager to schedule a demo to learn how Smart Shelves can improve your inventory position.

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