Increasing operation security for an affordable price, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Drug Safe takes advantage of RFID technology to offer real-time monitoring of tagged equipment. Per industry standards, drug safes must be verified each time it is accessed to maintain operational integrity. EMS Technology Solution’s RFID Drug safe performs this operation in a matter of seconds. It tracks tagged loose drugs and drug boxes to produce accurate results and reduce labor.

The safe is integrated with Operative IQ’s Operations Management Software that is designed specifically with First Responders in mind. Each drug within the safe is tagged with a passive RFID tag, replacing the standard control number tags currently used within the industry. Drug boxes are tracked using BLE beacons. Both the beacons and the tags communicate with Operative IQ’s Operations Management Software to provide accurate and reportable data that can be ready for an audit within minutes.

EMS Technology Solutions’ RFID Drug safe is designed with a thin backwall RFID reader that continuously inventories the content of the safe and compares it to the Operative IQ Operations Management Software to identify and report any discrepancies. An LED Status Light is mounted to the top of the safe to indicate if the contents of the drug safe are accurate or inaccurate. If accurate, the light will remain green, but if inaccurate, the light will alternate between green and red providing a clear sign that there is an error.

Specifications for the RFID reader and the safe are as follows:

RFID Reader Kit- For Existing Safes

  • Radio Band 902-928 MHz (North America) UHF
  • Communication over Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Enabled for Passive RFID and BLE Beacons
  • GPIO Capable with External LED Status Light
  • Different kit sizes available

Physical Safe- Optional upon Purchase

  • Dimensions: 42” x 24.25” x 22”, 3 Shelves, 375 lbs.
  • Textured black powder coat finish with chrome hardware
  • Fully upholstered gray fabric interiors and adjustable shelving
  • S&G’s EMP resistant electronic low profile electronic lock is standard
  • 83,000 BTU Fire Rating

EMS Technology Solutions offers cutting edge yet affordable operations management software and products designed with first responders in mind. The company’s Operative IQ Operations Management Software offers modules that include: Inventory Management, Asset Management, Purchasing Features, Integrated Purchasing, Fleet Management, Service Desk and RFID Tracking. EMS Technology Solutions has won four consecutive EMS World Top Innovation Awards for its operations management software.

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