With a huff and a binder of papers in hand, a firefighter walks toward Engine 1 at the start of his shift to begin the vehicle’s inspection. He checks fluid levels and lights before testing the operation of generators and chain saws. Then he conducts his 10-point inspection on each SCBA on board, recording all of his inspection findings in the paper check sheet binder.

45 minutes later, he returned his binder to the lieutenant. The only problem? Our fire engineer was in such a hurry to be on time for his CE class that his handwriting legibility suffered. The lieutenant can barely make out the writing on the paper as she signs off on the inspection.

Sound familiar?

What if all of this could be avoided? With a fire truck check sheet app, it can. We can’t promise that the huffs and grunts from unit inspections will immediately be replaced with smiles and whistles, but here are the top reasons why we think you should consider a mobile application for your engine checkoffs.

1.) Streamlined Communication

The Original Electronic Check Sheet by Operative IQ was designed for first responders to connect field personnel with operations managers. Supervisors get real-time updates on supply usage and asset locations as crew inputs data in the app. If crews notice an issue with a fleet vehicle or asset, supervisors are notified immediately when the ticket is submitted.

Administration can send alerts, company-wide reminders and communicate back to crew with repair updates all within this mobile application.

2.) Reportable Data

All information input into the check sheet application is reportable. Calculate supply usage trends, burn rates, upcoming expiring parts and more. In this COVID era, gather a full view of your consumable PPE inventory usage and on-hand quantity in real-time while accounting for waste. As crew uses consumable PPE or records its presence during vehicle inspections, the quantity is logged in the check sheet application and reflected in our administrative back office.

3.) Inspections Made Easy

In less than 30 minutes, crews can log inspections, submit equipment checks, verify assets, report fleet issues, quantify the consumable supplies on hand and record expiration dates directly from their computer or mobile device. Illegible handwriting and human error are reduced with our user-friendly platform.

4.) Manage Critical Assets

Turnout gear, SCBA, thermal imagers, hoses, keep track of equipment’s location by checking assets out to crew members, vehicles, stations, clinics or external agencies. Crews can verify assets on units or report maintenance needs through our mobile app during inspections. They also receive notifications in the app during inspection when an asset is coming due for maintenance as repair records and schedules are managed in our back office.

Needing to move equipment? Transfer equipment during shift changes, capturing electronic signatures and signify due back dates.

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