For a law enforcement officer, every day on the job is dangerous. In preparation to start a shift, officers kiss their family’s goodbye, so they can go out in the world to protect ours – and they are happy to do it. Highly trained officers do a great job keeping their minds, body and gear in top shape. We often see police officers exercising, inspecting & cleaning their equipment and wearing protective gear that will save their lives. But what about the ultimate asset that officers depend on every day – their cruisers?

With a fleet management software, departments can be assured that one of the most important factors in an officer’s safety – their vehicles – will also keep them safe. Here are just a few important reasons why Operative IQ’s Fleet Maintenance software is the ultimate bullet proof solution for your law enforcement fleet:

Automate Routine Maintenance

By using a fleet maintenance software, routine maintenance will no longer be a guessing game. Fleet managers will be able to schedule their workload in advance and create an efficient plan for units in and out of service. Operative IQ’s maintenance triggers allow departments to work from mileage, engine hours or specified time-based schedules to know when maintenance is coming due. Get real-time vehicle updates or repair requests directly from the officers that drive the cruisers every day. With Operative IQ, departments can prevent unexpected down time, costly repairs and most importantly – preventable accidents.

Two Way Communication

With Operative IQ’s fleet management software, officers can notify managers directly and in real-time of any issues or concerns. Automatic work orders can be created based on issues found during daily checks and discrepancies noticed in the field. 

Officers and fleet managers will be able to communicate back and forth for full transparency and track each issue diligently through resolution in the software. All data is tied to the specific unit and work order for easy reporting and trend analysis.

Tracking with Telematics

One of the key benefits of using Operative IQ’s Fleet Maintenance software is the ability to integrate with Geotab, ranked #1 for commercial telematics. Pairing Operative IQ with Geotab provides full visibility on many important aspects of vehicle maintenance specific to law enforcement.

Telematics gives departments not only the ability to automate vehicle information like mileage, diagnostics and zoning, it also provides reporting on driver behavior such as harsh braking, speeding and seatbelt violations.

Pulling Geotab data into Operative IQ Fleet maintenance allows you to spot trends and prevent those avoidable incidents. However, in the case that something does happen, departments can analyze accidents through the accident reconstruction feature. Operative IQ will help keep all parties accountable, and most importantly – safe.

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