Vehicle telematics can be an essential piece of your public safety operations. With the ability to collect driver data and vehicle maintenance alerts, you can stay ahead of potential driver issues and fleet repairs. Geotab is the leading vehicle telematics solution on the market and luckily Operative IQ is a Geotab Reseller. Our partnership with Geotab allows for a seamless integration of data from your Geotab database to your Operative IQ account. Even more exciting is that not only is Operative IQ a direct Geotab Reseller, but also a FirstNet dealer who offers a white labeled Geotab option as AT&T Fleet for Enterprise and Government on the FirstNet Network through Operative IQ.

What is FirstNet?

Whether you are an existing FirstNet customer using them for emergency communications or not, more than likely you have heard of the FirstNet Network. FirstNet is short for the First Responder Network Authority which is responsible for ensuring the deployment, operation and maintenance of the FirstNet Network. This independent authority was established by Congress to deliver a nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety. AT&T has been contracted to be the sole provider of this network and accountable for every aspect of the FirstNet experience.

FirstNet’s Origins

So, how did Congress come to realize the need for the FirstNet Authority? The need to prioritize emergency communications for public safety was realized after 9/11 when communication capacity maxed out. Sixteen years later and broadband communications has only increased with every person using the latest and greatest device. Surges in usage during certain times of the day for benign activities are a common occurrence such as kids accessing social media after school, fans watching a sporting event, or other large events or activities that could bog down networks. Due to this, in 2017 the FirstNet Authority introduced the first ever public safety network designed to provide a dedicated “fast lane” for public safety professionals. This FirstNet fast lane provides secure communications every day and for every emergency and avoids network overload and inaccessibility.

Eligible Users

Eligibility for FirstNet services is determined at the user level for first responders including law enforcement, EMS, fire and some secondary medical and emergency workers. Once an agency is setup with FirstNet, priority access is given to its users at any time. Within the network, there is an ability to designate Primary and Extended Primary users to ensure plenty of bandwidth is available. A physically separate network core, dedicated for first responder use, ensures connectivity during critical incidents for clear communication between command and emergency personnel. With 1.2 Million FirstNet connections & 11,000 public safety organizations subscribed, this service continues to grow.

Improved Fleet Connectivity

FirstNet has not only developed a dedicated broadband network but has recognized the importance of providing the right solution to public safety. This solution expands beyond telecommunications and includes systems required for operation and mission-critical decisions. This is where Geotab comes in and has partnered with FirstNet on their white labeled AT&T Fleet for Enterprise and Government Geotab option. Operative IQ offers a choice to our telematics customers to manage fleet directly with Operative IQ and Geotab or for customers either moving to or already on the FirstNet network, they can opt for that route instead. Either way, you will be receiving a high-quality vehicle telematics tool to strengthen your fleet operations.

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