Due dates, schedules, lists, there is nothing better to a meticulous planner than to see information displayed efficiently, especially when it comes to fleet management. For years, the proficient organizer clung to his or her whiteboard as a saving grace for simplifying operations management and fleet maintenance. Preventative maintenance schedules could be laid out with ease for all to see allowing the fleet manager to stagger repairs without overwhelming his or her shop. However, with each accidental shoulder brushed erase and dried up marker, one has to ask if there is a better way to display such information with stronger, short-term permanence without fear of losing the ability to view and share maintenance schedules easily.

To accomplish such a feat, some think this may lead to ditching whiteboards all together, right? Wrong.

Through recognizing the visibility and ease of reference whiteboards provide, Operative IQ updated the traditional planning tool to make it more user friendly and reliable with Status Boards. You can customize the information shown as you would have on whiteboards, and Operative IQ has a library of Status Boards for you to start with. Status boards can be put on display on a television, like whiteboards. It can also be displayed on any mobile device, tablet or computer screen.

This sounds great and all, but I bet you’re wondering where all of this information pulls from? Do I input it manually or is it generated? The answer is both!

Status boards are a complementary functionality of Operative IQ’s operations management solution. Whether managing inventory, high dollar assets or fleet maintenance, as you track your items in Operative IQ, the system then generates the information you input into reports and status boards for you. From inventory levels, asset verifications to fleet work order statuses and maintenance schedules, you can edit the fields shown in your Status Boards to ensure you are seeing the information that is most important to you. If the pre-generated status boards do not suit your needs, Operative IQ can build custom status boards for you.

Innovate your operations management data visualization without losing the efficiency or charm whiteboards bring.

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