Tracking narcotics is something that every public safety agency has to deal with. We’ve found that many agencies are using spreadsheets or paper logbooks to track their narcotics. We are here to tell you there is a better way.

Step One – Get away from Paper

Paper narcotics tracking is a nightmare. Paper narcotics forms can be lost, damaged or altered. There is no simple way to have all of the current data when you need it. Someone has to go through the papers and input all of the data into a hard-to-manage spreadsheet or figure out some way to track the data. It’s an overall mess.

Enter digital narcotics tracking software. Digital narcotics tracking software, like Operative IQ’s Narcotics Tracking, will enable you to track every transaction of the medications from cradle-to-grave. 

Record complete chain-of-custody to include when and where the narcotics were picked up and who was involved. Easily document final disposition to include when narcotics are administered to a patient, wasted or destroyed. Every single movement of each narcotic is securely tracked and verified in the system.

There are many benefits to keeping track of narcotics digitally. It is simple to pull together reports. Manage medication expiration dates. Minimize the risk of diversion with tight record-keeping that can’t be altered retroactively. Require biometric verification on different processes. Digital narcotics tracking will enable your team to take control of your narcotics reporting and keep a much better handle on your compliance with different governing agencies.

Step Two – Use RFID in your Narcotics safes

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a revolutionary technology when it comes to narcotics tracking. Operative IQ offers a RFID module that empowers users to know exactly which drugs are where at all times. Our RFID module works with a fixed RFID reader retrofitted to the inside of a your safe. 

The fixed RFID reader will consistently read the RFID tags on each of the vials and report back to the system how many of which vials are in the safe. Each narcotic vial is individually identified with an RFID tag that can report back to the reader. The reader then continuously reads the tags and reports location, type, expiration date and more to the system. 

This system works particularly well if you have narcotics distributed across safes located in outlying stations. No more driving around the county to audit your safes. You can simply log in to Operative IQ for an accurate, up-to-the-minute account of which drugs are in your safes. 

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