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Keynote Speaker

Jen Carfagno, The Weather Channel

Jen Carfagno is on-air meteorologist and co-host of America's Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel. During her more than 20 years at the network, Jen has covered all types of extreme weather in the studio on-camera, behind the scenes and out in the field. She's been battling the wind and snow during blizzard warnings, slopping through torrential and flooding rain, sliding in ice storms and bracing against the wind and rain in landfalling hurricanes.

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Jen earned her Bachelor's of Science in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 1998, a year after her internship with The Weather Channel. Later in 19988, she joined The Weather Channel as a full-time meteorologist. Jen first participated in the on-camera meteorologist apprentice program at The Weather Channel, earning time in front the camera every weekend. In addition to her weekend on-air assignments, Jen gained valuable weather knowledge and experience in her full-time job from several key positions in the meteorology department. During that time, Jen was thee liaison for the Meteorology Science & Strategy Department to several other business units. She also was the point person for The Weather Channel's tactical operaetions with the National Weather Service, the EPS AIRNow Program and other related government agencies. Jen developed and led Weather Camps around the country for The Weather Channel and continues to speak to students about a passion of hers - science.

Jen began her career off-camera in the Meteorlogy Department, creating on-air graphics, forecasting and contributing to the modernizatino of weather warning delivery to pagers, then cell phones. She started full-time on-air as the Travel Analyst for First Outlook, and also contributed to the flagship morning shows Your Weather Today, Morning Rush, Wake Up With Al, and hosted Weekend View. In her spare time, Jen enjoys running, relazing on the beach, working in the year, going to country music shows, trying out the latest exercise trend, or sitting on the sideslines and bleachers cheering on her kids at their atheltics. Her favorite weather measurement is dew points as she is often referred to as the "Dewpoint Diva". Her life-long goal is to help people understand how important they are to everyday life.

Superior Ambulance

Session: Growing with Operative IQ

As Superior Ambulance has grown over the years, they also grew with Operative IQ. hear Kyle speak about their company's growth and journey with Operative IQ, the vision they saw with taking their Operative IQ account to the next level, and how they were able to accomplish such great success.

Kyle Wolber, Director of Logistics

Kyle Wolber currently serves as the Director of Logistics for Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. In 2006, Kyle began his role in EMS as a Firefighter/EMT-B for the Franklin Grove Fire Protection District. Kyle left the EMS community in 2009 to enlist in the United States Army as a combat solider where he served honorably for eight years. After the Army, Kyle re-installed his license as an EMT-B and joined the Superior Ambulance family where he quickly advanced to his current position. Kyle is the Region 3 Director for the American Ambulance Association and also is a Fire Commissioner for the Winfield Fire Protection District.

Kyle Wolber

Plano Fire-Resdue & St. Lucie Fire District

Session: Case Studies in Implementing RFID

Join Keil Baldia from Plano Fire-Rescue and Matt Neilson from St. Lucie County Fire District as they walk through their RFID implementation journeys. If you have been wanting to implement RFID at your organization, but are unsure of where to start and how it will all work, then you don't want to miss this session. We will hear about both RFID Handheld and Fixed RFID options.

Keil Baldia, Captain

Keil Baldia is a Captain in the Logistics Division for Plano-Fire Rescue in Plano, Texas. He oversees EMS supplies, facilities, uniforms and bunker gear for 404 uniformed personnel. He has 20+ years of service with 3 years in a high-rise district and 3+ years in logistics. He has tested various RFID asset systems. He developed the training for and implemented Operative IQ RFID for Plano Fire-Rescue EMS warehouse and station EMS supply closets at all 13 fire stations. He provides ongoing training of Operative IQ Service Desk and RFID for recruits, fire personnel and administration. He initiated and helped develop Plan Fire-Rescue's electronic tactical response guide GIS mapping system.

Keil Baldia

Matt Neilson, MIS Coordinator

Matt Neilson served as a firefighter/paramedic from 1999 until mid-2018. During this time, he also held the position of lead paramedic and flight paramedic between 2011 and 2018. Transitioning to the Training Division, his primary responsibilities were to assist in the research and development of new software for the Fire District, along with being the administrator for their report writing system. In 2020, Neilson was re-tasked from Training and placed in the IT Department where he currently resides and is the administrator for the report writing system, the personnel software, and all things Operative IQ.

Matt Neilson

Austin-Travis County EMS

Session: Building Effective Narcotics Controls & Planning for the Unexpected

Narcotics tracking can be a time consuming and overwhelming task, especially when unexpected challenges arise. Join Nick to hear how Austin-Travis County EMS has built effective narcotics controls and planned for the expected like DEA audits and inaccessible systems.

Nick Baker, Field Operations Commander

Nick baker has been in the field of EMS for 26 years. He began while serving his country in the Air Force where he obtained his Paramedic certification and worked in the pre-hospital and hospital settings. At the conclusion of his military service, Nike became employed with Austin-Travis County EMS where he is now a 20 year veteran of the department. Over the course of his tenure there, Nick has been assigned to Special Operations-Rescue, the Motorcycle Medic Division, Captain at the department's training center and most currently as a Field Operations Commander while also heading up the department's Operative IQ initiative. In parallel, Nick also holds a license as a Registered Nurse and Certified Flight RN.

Nick Baker

Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services

Session: Operation Easy - Fleet Maintenance

Ensuring your fleet are road ready is essential and Operative IQ's Fleet Maintenance module helps accomplish this task. Fleet Maintenannce has many options available, but Ken will speak on how quickly and eaasily they were able to get up and running and the difference this tool has made in their agency.

Ken Ekenseair, Fleet Manager

Ken Ekenseair started his career as a part time EMT in 1995 for the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) in Arkansas. He went to night school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and graduated in 1998 as a Paramedic. Ken was soon promoted to Operations Field Supervisor then Operations Supervisor. While at MEMS, Ken was a member of their STAR Team and Bike Team. After 20 years of service, Ken decided to retire and live on his boat. While retired, Ken got his 100 Ton Master License with the US Coast Guard. In 2019, Ken moved back to Arkansas to spend time with grandkids and decided to go back to MEMS, where he is currently Fleet Manager.

Ken Ekenseair

Clayton County Fire Department

Session: Handling Fire-based EMS Challenges

Over the last few years, we are seeing more and more fire agencies moving to a fire rescue approach. Along with this comes many unforeseen challenges. Tim and Zach will address some of th challenges his agency has taken on and how they were able to tackle them head on, coming out successful on the other end.

Zach Botkin, Deputy Chief

Zach has served with the Clayton County Fire & Emergency Services since 2006. In 2010, he received his certification as a Nationally Registered Paramedic. In 2011, he was promoted to Sergeant and soon after was appointed as one of the departments first Field Training Officers. In 2013, he was reassigned to the Training Division where he served as a lead instructor in the Fire Recruit Program, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic Programs. In 2016, Chief Botkin transitioned back to the Operations Division where he was assigned to the Community Treatment program. In 2018, he was promoted to Captain but soon after was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2019 where he served over the First Battalion on A-Shift. In 2020, Chief Botkin was promoted to Deputy Chief and over the EMS Division. Certifications include: Firefighter I & II, National Registry Paramedic, Fire Officer I, II & III, Fire Instructor I & II, Safety Officer, HazMat Tech, Rope Rescue Tech, Confined Space Tech, Trench Rescue and BLS/ACLS/PALS Instructor. Chief Botkin holds a Bachelor's of Science degree from Columbia Southern University in Emergency Medical Services Administration.

Zach Botkin

Tim Sweat, Interim Fire Chief

Interim Fire Chief Tim Sweat has been in the fire service for 34 years. He began his career in the fire service in 1989 and has served the citizens of Clayton County since January 1999. He advanced through the ranks, from Firefighter/EMT to rank of Lieutenant in the Operations Division, then promoted to Captain in 2008 and assigned to the Logistics Division. Chief Sweat continued to serve within the Logistics Division and was ultimately promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief in2010 and Assistant Chief in 2014. On Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Chief Sweat was appointed Interim Fire Chief. Chief Sweat comes well qualified to lead; his certifications includes: Associates of Applied Science Degree in Fire Science, Bachelor's of Science in Fire Administration, National Fire Academy - Financial Management Graduate, Georgia Certified Emergency manager, NPQ FFIII and HazMat Tech as well as managerial experience in the private sector.

Tim Sweat

Reno Fire Department

Session: Key Steps for Implementing Asset Tracking

Tracking assets can be tough, but Operative IQ can make it easy. Join the Reno Fire Department group as they walk through their journey of locating, recording and tracking their assets, as well as some tips and tricks they discovered along the way.

Jeff Voskamp, Division Chief of Support Services

Starting his career as an EMT on an ambulance and in emergency rooms in Los Angeles, then progressing through the ranks of the Reno Fire Department, Jeff has over 31 years in the Fire and EMS service. As the Division Chief of Support Services, he has implemented multiple programs to streamline operations from pre-planning software, RMS/ePCR programs as well as Operative IQ. Jeff is an avid ocean kayak fisherman and has an insatiable desire for travel.

Jeff Voskamp

Alex Pierson, Equipment Supply Technician

Alex Pierson joined the Reno Fire Department in 2019 as the Equipment Supply Technician. He has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Forest and Rangeland Management. Upon graduation, he started his career in the Logistics industry. When he joined Reno Fire, they were in the early stages of utilizing Operative IQ. He has played a key role in launching the inventory and asset management portion of Operative IQ. When away from work, he enjoys spending his time outdoors with his family.

Alex Pierson

Jeff Goodman, Logistics Officer

Jeff Goodman is a Logistics and Distribution professional with over 30 years experience working in the private sector. Jeff's experience ranges from the loading dock all the way up to the boardroom and everything in between! Jeff was hired on at the Reno Fire Department in early 2018 as RFD's Logistics Officer in the Support Services Division. Shortly after being hired the department began a search for an ERP to assist in the management of day to day activity. Jeff has been instrumental in the selection, deployment, training and ongoing use of Operative IQ at the Reno Fire Department. Jeff enjoys the Northern Nevada outdoors, muscle cars and family when he is away from work.

Jeff Goodman