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Join the more than 60,000 Public Safety Professionals who use Operative IQ.

You deserve to know what you have in your supply rooms and in your vehicles right now. Controlling inventory costs and performing inspections shouldn’t require guesswork and reams of paper. Let us help you quickly and easily determine where your items are located, when they expire, how much you use and when supplies should be ordered. You should have an effective inventory management system. Now available with IQ Mobile!
Our award winning Operative IQ Narcotics Tracking application meets the controlled substance tracking demands of EMS and Fire Departments. The online system replaces today’s paper controlled substance log books, allowing you to manage the receipt, movement, administration and final disposition of each individual drug. This gives you a true cradle to grave picture and your medical director peace of mind.

The equipment you invest in is critical to your daily operation. You should be able to locate this equipment and have all related documents stored in one place. The processes you follow to issue equipment and track maintenance should be a high priority. This ensures you are protecting your investment while minimizing your risks. The proper asset management tools will help you take charge of your operation.
Well maintained vehicles are critical to your safety and risk management. With the days of relying on white boards to manage maintenance schedules behind us, we can now focus on management of fleet vehicles based on feedback from crew inspections, repair requests and scheduled preventative maintenance. Giving supervisors and technicians the information they need to effectively perform their duties.

Crew member check sheets are critical in maintaining operational standards; however paper check sheets lack the required level of accountability. Operative IQ’s check sheet provides crews access to Inventory, Asset, Fleet and Controlled Substance Tracking. Crews are now able to complete accurate inspections in a matter of minutes, check-in and check-out assets, report vehicle mileage, and verify controlled substance administration all from one platform.
The award winning IQ Genius automates asset location and vehicle sealed cabinet inventory inspection process, driving speed, accuracy, and accountability that is unmatched by traditional systems. RFID coupled with Operative IQ provides unrivaled visibility into the location of equipment and guarantees accuracy of inventory inspections. The IQ Genius Bar is mounted to the interior of a truck allowing users hands-free inspections of equipment and cabinet seals. Allowing administrators better utilization of resources and visibility in to the vehicle from anywhere.

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Ambulance Services

  • We use Operative IQ to do all our vehicle checks and we have numerous questionnaires for our fleet that we keep track of through the software. Before we had Operative IQ, we were looking to get money and time savings as well as more organization. We needed a one-stop shop to be able to handle everything from inventory to asset maintenance and Operative IQ exceeded our expectations in this area.
    Rob Morris, Queen Annes County
  • Before Operative IQ I would have to physically count my entire inventory in the warehouse, then put those numbers on a spread sheet with part numbers, and call each order in. Now all I have to do is go to the purchase order, create a new one and pick a vendor. One of the things I like best about Operative IQ is that we are able to have all of our information with just a few clicks of the mouse. I can access this information from any computer, which makes my job a lot easier.
    Marilyn Dioszeghy, First Responder EMS

Fire Departments

  • Before Operative IQ we had no way of tracking except for manually counting, which doesn’t work very well. We had no way of creating reports to give us a history of what we were doing.  Operative IQ gives both of these things: reporting and accountability. We were looking for some method of accountability and record keeping before we found Operative IQ and it has exceeded our expectations.
    Stephen Daly, Pompano Beach Fire Rescue
  • Before Operative IQ, we had a different program in place. The biggest thing it did not do that Operative IQ does was receive supplies in, put them on the shelf, issue them to a unit and track its usage. Operative IQ has the ability to do all of that. Operative IQ gives me the ability to track supplies from the time I order it and issue it to the time it is used on a patient, then ordered and replaced again. The end result has exceeded my expectations because this program is allowing us to do things that we could not do before.
    Tim Sweat, Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect with Operative IQ, but I’ve been very satisfied with it. It’s much more convenient to be able to run reports to give feedback to station officers so they can see if there are problems with any apparatuses, fleet, vehicle checks, firefighting tools, or EMS equipment. Supplies are checked off every morning, and Operative IQ adds an element of accountability.
    Phil Weis, Longview Fire Department
  • In looking for a new program, I wanted the ability to track everything we purchased, to know when something came in and which unit it went to.  I have been able to satisfy all three criteria since implementing Operative IQ. Operative IQ has certainly met my expectations and our daily tracking abilities have improved significantly and continue to do so the more we utilize the program.
    Todd Jensen, Graham Fire and Rescue/Pierce County FD 21