SecuGen Hamster IV Biometric Fingerprint Reader | Operative IQ

SecuGen Hamster IV Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Secugen technology provides a high-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint reader that is resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock for fast and accurate verification. The readers are easy to use and can be installed quickly on any Windows PC. Backed by years of field use and proven reliability under extreme conditions, SecuGen peripherals provide consistent performance and security


Fast and Secure Biometric Identification

Biometric finger print readers add speed and security to your Operative IQ system. When using the USB connected finger print reader you can quickly login in to the Operative IQ system. This quick access is great for busy medics that are in and out of the supply room. The SecuGen finger print reader is also the cornerstone of the Operative IQ Narcotics Tracking application which accurately verifies and records all controlled substance custody changes.

SecuGen Biometric Readers

– FBI Certified PIV Single Finger Capture Device Compliant
– Listed on GSA FIPS 201 Approved Products List
– STQC Biometric Device Certified for UID Applications
– Fast and accurate verification
– Smart Capture™ (Automatic Image Adjustment to Accomodate Moist & Dry Fingers)
– USB connection
– Removable weighted stand
– Compact, lightweight and portable
– Integrated finger guide
– Readily accessible for any finger