RFID Security Seals (100 Seals) | Operative IQ

RFID Security Seals (100 Seals)

RFID Security Seals provide a quick way to seal and tag cabinets and bags.  When used in conjunction with IQ Genius they enable fast, accurate inspections.  The RFID tag read range is approximately 15′.  Tags are barcoded for easy entry in to Operative IQ.


RFID Security Pull Seals

– Barcode and EPC printed on Tag to make RFID Tag Assignment easy (8 Digit Tag Number)
– Reading Distance Estimate 12’
– Dimensions 9.5” x 7.5”
– Breakable at base of Seal, no tools required
– Available in Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red Color

These cabinet seals are widely used today in EMS and Fire. They breakaway at the base of the tag for hand removal without the need for tools.

The RFID Cabinet seal numbers are entered into the Operative IQ Check Sheet when performing inspections. Once the seal is entered it can be verified by RFID. When the seal is broken discard it and place a new seal on the cabinet. Once a new seal is entered IQ Genius will stop looking for the old one.