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Fixed RFID Reader

IQ Genius is a RFID solution for tracking equipment and supplies. With multiple reader/antenna configurations it is easy to deliver an RFID solution that is designed to meet your needs.  The reader includes an integrated BLE Beacon reader and GPS for asset tracking.  It can also be configured with with up to 8 Passive RFID Antennas to read and capture passive RFID tag data, allowing you to truly customize a solution for your operation.


Fixed RFID Reader

– Designed for Passive RFID Tags and Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (BLE)
– Offline Data Collection and Storage
– Integrated BLE Beacon Reader and Antenna
– 4 – 8 Port RFID Antenna Configuration Options for Passive RFID
– GPS Module
– Ethernet Connectivity and Power Over Ethernet (POE)
– Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi)
– Optional Ultra Bright LED Status Lights
– Size: 10″ x 8″ x 6″ Aluminum Case

Optional Real-time Status Lights alerts crew members to missing items to help prevent the loss of company assets while responding to calls.

  • Green – All equipment checked out to the vehicle is accounted for
  • Yellow – An asset checked out to the vehicle is no longer present
  • Red- Loss of internet connectivity