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Ambulance Equipment and Supply Costs

SOURCE: TAMPA BAY TIMES What’s in a Sunstar ambulance and how much does it cost? Pinellas County owns the Sunstar ambulance system, which is funded by the approximately $41 million in user fees collected each year. The county pays Texas-based Paramedics Plus...

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Just-in-Time Stock Control

SOURCE: EMS WORLD MAGAZINE Just-in-Time Stock Control For every ambulance on the street there is a supply room, or store, somewhere containing equipment and possibly medications to fill up that vehicle when it returns from its run. The management of this store,...

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IQ Served Daily

IQ Served Daily What does it feel like when you use Operative IQ? EMS Technology Solutions’ parody of Fancy Feast’s Love Served Daily commercial, sums up the feeling quite nicely. The lighthearted video expresses the love that customers feel for Operative IQ by...

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What Will Make You Great?

What Will Make You Great? Football season is in full swing. As you cheer on your favorite team, imagining you’re the all-star quarter-back throwing the game winning pass with seconds left in the fourth quarter. Are you thinking about the guys protecting you on the...

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Lynchburg and Seattle: The latest cautionary-tales

Lynchburg and Seattle: The latest cautionary-tales Suspected theft and internal diversion affected two operations last month adding to mounting evidence of inadequate controlled substance processes. It is becoming increasingly apparent that controlled substance...

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4 Ways to Better Manage EMS Inventory

SOURCE: EMS1.COM 4 Ways to Better Manage EMS Inventory Having a good system can help reduce costs, improve team morale, and lead to better patient care Today’s complex EMS environment requires administrators to constantly juggle issue like tightening budgets, drug...

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