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VIDEO: IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader in Action

Live look into the Snohomish Fire District 7 IQ Genius Handheld RFID Reader implementation Deputy Chief Scott Dorsey and Operative IQ President EJ Aufderheide show our latest innovation in action as the technology is rolled out at Snohomish Fire District 7. In the...

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Coming Soon – ENGAGE 2018

ENGAGE 2018 - Operative IQ User Conference is just around the corner. Head over to operativeiq.com/registration, and grab your spot today! We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta, August 13-15.   [video width="3840" height="2160"...

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EMS Technology Solutions Unveils a New Product

Winning the EMS World Top Innovation Award, EMS Technology Solutions unveils its newest product, the Operative IQ RFID Drug Safe. Increasing operation security for an affordable price, the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Drug Safe takes advantage of RFID...

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How one paramedic went from the streets to the C-suite

Source: EMS1 BrandFocus Staff, EMS1 How one paramedic went from the streets to the C-suite There’s no doubt that public safety companies led by those who have served in the field have a unique advantage when it comes to product development, especially for the...

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