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Operative IQ’s RFID Solution is “Genius”

Operative IQ’s RFID Solution is “Genius”

Centreville, MD – April 13, 2016 – Queen Annes County DES implemented IQ Genius, a vehicle based RFID asset and inventory tracking system compatible with Operative IQ, on 5 of their ambulances in the fall of 2015. The operation has already validated three of the critical use cases for using RFID technology to track inventory and assets used in providing patient care.

Queen Annes County DES responded to a structure fire that resulted in a civilian being rescued. This was a critical patient and a lot of equipment was taken off the ambulance and brought into a chaotic scene. As they prepared to transport the patient, EMS Lieutenant Kevin Brenner glanced up at the IQ Genius RFID unit and noticed the equipment status light was GREEN. This green light provided a great sense of relief indicating that all of the RFID tagged assets were on the unit before leaving the scene.

On a separate occasion an oncoming crew noticed a bag was missing from a unit. Immediately Lieutenant Brenner was able to use IQ Genius to locate the missing equipment. A quick look at asset management data in Operative IQ revealed the last READ location of the bag. The crew was able to drive to that address and retrieve the equipment. This allowed us them to narrow their search and save a lot of time looking for missing equipment.

Ongoing the IQ Genius system enables lightning fast pre-trip inspections of tagged inventory and equipment. Reducing the time it takes to prepare an ambulance for service.

Kevin Brenner is the EMS Lieutenant for Queen Annes County DES and has provided leadership for the deployment of new technology, including IQ Genius RFID, to aid in EMS operations management.

EMS Technology Solutions offers cutting edge, but affordable operations management software and products designed with First Responders in mind. The company’s Operative IQ Operations Management Software offers modules that include: Inventory Management, Asset Management, Purchasing Features, Integrated Purchasing, Fleet Management, Service Desk and RFID Tracking. EMS Technology Solutions has won four consecutive EMS World Top Innovation Awards for its operations management software.

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