May 2015 | Operative IQ

IQ Served Daily

IQ Served Daily

What does it feel like when you use Operative IQ? EMS Technology Solutions’ parody of Fancy Feast’s Love Served Daily commercial, sums up the feeling quite nicely. The lighthearted video expresses the love that customers feel for Operative IQ by making life easy, blissful and passionate. Designed for ease, developed for peace of mind, Operative IQ asks you to put your IQ to work. Operative IQ’s platform offers inventory, asset, and fleet management that makes tracking and reporting exciting and effortless. Is it possible to fall in love with Operative IQ? We think so, especially when it offers you so much time and money. Go ahead, skip through your supply room.

The spot was produced by Stephanie Horack and EJ Aufderheide. Music was performed Steven Mounce with vocals by Diana Mounce. Actress, Valina Ramsey, and set were provided by Puckett EMS.

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